What Audio Visual Experts Does

AVE will create a seamless integrated platform for your house or business that you the client can control from one of a number of many different Touch Panels located around your house or off-site from a remote computer. This may consist of:

What it all means to you, the owner:

Want to be able to control the system remotely? 
You’re at your office all day and the only thing you want to do when you get home is to sit in your Hot Tub, but don’t feel like waiting for the water to get to the Temp you want. You can adjust the Temp of the Hot Tub from your office computer before getting home!

Own a Beach House?
Instead of walking into a hot house and having to wait for the air conditioning to get the temperature to a comfortable temperature; with a Control system you can log into the home and turn the AC ON remotely! Having a contractor over to do work on your house?

Let’s say you have a plumber coming into the house to do some work, but you don’t want to give him the password to your alarm. No problem, you can log into your home from any computer and disarm the alarm. Some systems will go as far as unlocking the door too.

Having a Holiday party?  
Want to play some music in select areas (Kitchen, Front/Rear porch, Foyer, and Living) around your home. From any Touch Panel in the house you can simply select; the audio source of your desire and turn ON the areas you wish to hear it in. Have Pre-set Party Modes where select rooms would come on to the Volume, Source, and Channel you choice.

Going on Vacation?
With a lighting system, you can select a Record Feature which will record a month’s worth of your family’s light switch pushes. When you leave for Vacation, you just hit the Play Feature and it will play them back. Making the house seem like someone is home!


Audio Visual Experts has a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all work done by AVE!

  • It does not include work done by Anyone other than an AVE Technician.  
    This includes Cable Provide Installer, Friend, another AV Team, and Family Member 

  • It does not cover equipment bought outside of AVE, regardless if it was installed by AVE or not. All Equipment sold by AVE will be covered up until the device warranty has expired (Labor charges will apply) (At an additional cost you can extend Equipment’s warranty)

AVE has a service plan that can work for you; all Audio Visual Expert’s Service Plans are custom tailored to each Client, depending on the most important needs. This way there are no huge yearly fee’s on something as simple as unplugging and resting a device.